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MOERS - 16 Individuals Found

Name / Spouse Born/Died Father / Mother Notes
Augusta Moers b.1899
Father: Herman Fredrich Moers  
Mother: Lena Emily Koennecke
Bertram August Moers b.1905 May 24
Father: Herman Fredrich Moers  
Mother: Lena Emily Koennecke
Charles AUgust Moers b.1879
Father: Frederick Albert Moers  
Mother: Lena Brandt
The following obituary was published in the Rosenberg Herald on Dec. 23, 1932: "Former Citizen of Rosenberg is Dead" The many relatives and friends of C. A. Moers, in this community, were shocked to learn of his sudden death in his hotel in Weslaco, early Monday, where he had gone from his home in Houston on business. His death was due to heart failure. Mr. Moers was born in Gruend, Hanover, Germany, 53 years ago. He came to America with his parents when he was three years of age. He spent most of his life in Rosenberg, engaged in cattle raising and various other occupations. Mr Moers had been a resident of Houston for the past 12 years. He was married to Miss Evelyn Baker, a sister of Judge G. C. Baker, Jr., of Richmond and Will Baker of Rosenberg. To this happy union, one son, Raymond, was born, who is now a fine young man. He was happy to have lived long enough to see his son grow to manhood, a graduate from the schools of Houston and Rice Institute; capable of caring for the widowed mother. He was a member of the I.O.O.F. and W.O.W. and also a member of the Board of Stewards of St. Johns Methodist Church in Houston. Deceased is survived by his widow; one son, Raymond H.; four brothers, H. F. and W. C. of Rosenberg, W. A. of Wharton and H. H. Moers of Addicks.
Dorothy Augusta Moers
Spouse1: Elonzo Ollie Lonnie Jones
b.1900 Texas
d.1985 Houston, Harris, Texas, United States of America
Father: Henry Herman Moers  
Mother: Lena Emily Koennecke
Frederick A Moers b.1895
Father: Herman Fredrich Moers  
Mother: Lena Emily Koennecke
Frederick Albert Moers
Spouse1: Lena Brandt
Henry Herman Moers b.1871 JUN 17 Texas
d.1956 JAN 18 Sam Houston Memorial Hospital Harris County, Texas
Father: William Henry Moers  
Mother: Katie KATE Hoffman
Herman Fredrich Moers
Spouse1: Lena Emily Koennecke
Father: Frederick Albert Moers  
Mother: Lena Brandt
Herman Lee Moers b.1912
Father: Herman Fredrich Moers  
Mother: Lena Emily Koennecke
This obituary was published in The Rosenberg Herald, April 25, 1930: "Herman Lee Moers" Tragedy ended a pleasant day that had been planned by the Seniors of the Rosenberg High School here Monday. It being a holiday the schools closed and as it was a beautiful warm day, a picnic was the first thought of the Seniors. They prepared their picnic lunches and with their chaperone, they decided the beautiful banks of the Brazos river would be the best place to go. Swimming time is here, so the young people went prepared to take a swim. Soon after reaching the Brazos several of the boys changed into their bathing suits and decided to enjoy this fine sport before eating lunch. When Herman Lee Moers, one of the most popular boys of the class, dived into the water companions noticed that he did not rise in the proper length of time. The alarm was given and the brave young boys of his class made a frantic effort to find his body, which was impossible. In the meantime, the alarm was given in town, as the picnic was near the city, and the citizens arrived on the scene and began a search. After nearly two hours of searching, the body was found near the point he went down. Grappling hooks were used in locating the body after divers proved of no avail. Artificial respiration and a pulmotor, rushed to the scene by the Westheimer Undertaking Company of Houston, proved unavailing. It is believed that Herman Lee was seized with the cramps immediately after diving into the water and that death came almost instantly. Herman Lee Moers was the youngest child of one of Rosenbergs most highly esteemed and pioneer couples, Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Moers. He was the last of a family of intelligent young boys and girls to graduate. Great plans had been made for his future. He was adored by his fond parents, his one brother and five sisters. He was the only child left at home and of coourse was a blessing to his parents. It was a pleasure to the other boy and the girls who have positions away from home, to greet him when they would return home. We can only imagine how terrible this blow is to the family and extend to them our heartfelt sympathy. Deceased is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Moers of Rosenberg, five sisters, Mrs. Jeff Brewer and Miss Augusta Moers of Houston, Misses Marie and Tillie Moers of Baytown and Miss Ruth Moers, who is attending S.W.T.S.T.C. at San Marcos; one brother, Bertrand Moers of Baytown. Funeral services were held at the home Tuesday afternoon at 3 oclock, Rev. C. W. Schlechte, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Rosenberg, conducted the funeral services. He was assisted by Rev. B. D. Clark of the Christian Church, Rev. J. Vernon Wheeless, pastor of the First Baptist Church and Rev. A. C. Peterson, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Needville, members of the 1929 Football Team acted as honorary and active pallbearers. The Rosenberg schools closed for the funeral as well as most of the business houses in the city. The funeral was one of the largest ever held in Rosenberg, attesting to the high esteem in which young Herman Lee was held. The floral offering was immense. The untimely death of Herman Lee was a blow to his classmates and they cannot understand why they had to be separated when graduation day, the happiest day of their lives, was just a few weeks off and they loved Herman Lee so well, God knows best and we can only say, His will be done. His life was sweet and pure, who knows what the future might have been to him. His parents and other loved ones will find consolation in the fact that his thoughts were clean and pure, as he was in the early morning of life, only seventeen years of age. Bitter trials, disappointments and sin had not yet had time to enter into his life and certainly he was prepared to meet his untimely death. May the power of God heal the broken hearts.
John Sydney Moers b.1907
Father: Herman Fredrich Moers  
Mother: Lena Emily Koennecke
Marie Moers b.1902 May 12
Father: Herman Fredrich Moers  
Mother: Lena Emily Koennecke
The following obituary was published in the Herald Coaster on Wednesday, December 3, 1997: "Marie Moers" Graveside services for Miss Marie Moers, 97, of Lake Jackson will be held at 10 a.m. on Thurs., Dec. 4 at the Rosenberg Cemetery with the Rev. Richard A. Burnham officiating. Visitation will be held from 8:30 - 9:30 a.m. on Thurs., Dec. 4 at Garmany & Carden Funeral Home, 1201 Fourth St. in Rosenberg. Miss Moers passed away on Mon., Dec. 1, 1997 at Brazosport Memorial Hospital in Lake Jackson. She was born on Feb. 12, 1900 in Rosenberg, the daughter of Herman and Lena Moers. She worked for Exxon Corporation for forty years. She is survived by three nephews: Thomas L. Holt of Lake Jackson, Sidney Cox of Houston and H.M. Jones of Manvel.
Matilda L Moers
Spouse1: Pinkney Keng
b.1904 Nov 02
Father: Herman Fredrich Moers  
Mother: Lena Emily Koennecke
Nora Moers b.1897
Father: Herman Fredrich Moers  
Mother: Lena Emily Koennecke
Ruth Elizabeth Moers b.1910
Father: Herman Fredrich Moers  
Mother: Lena Emily Koennecke
Wesley C Moers b.1886
Father: Frederick Albert Moers  
Mother: Lena Brandt
The following obituary was published in the Rosenberg Herald on June 14, 1940: "Wesley C. Moers" Saturday morning, June 8, 1940, the angel of death again visited our little city and received from it one of our most beloved and highly esteemed citizens. Wesley C. Moers death came to Mr. Moers following an accident on Tueday afternoon when he fell from a residence on which he was the building contractor. He was rushed to the Fort Bend hospital where everything was done to save his life, but to no avail. Mr. Moers was born on December 25, 1886 in Harris County, Texas. When a small child, he moved with his parents to Rosenberg, where he continued to live until his death. He received his education from the public schools and from Blinn College, Brenham. He was born in a Christian home and was reared in the Methodist church, remaining a faithful and useful member until his death. He served as Superintendent of the local Methodist Sunday School, Sunday School teacher, Steward Trustee, and in various other capacities of his church, always supporting the church and its cause generously. At the time of his death he was serving on the Board of Stewards. On August 9, 1909, Mr. Moers was united in marriage to Miss Katherine Schmersahl. This was a very happy marriage, where love and loyalty stood the test in good times and when times were not so good; they united together and determined to push forward and proved Gods promise in those who kept the faith. To this happy union three fine daughters were born; he was a loyal, happy father and adored his daughters. Mr. Moers was a building contractor & master builder. He leaves many beautiful buildings to reflect his ability as a builder of material things, but the most important heritage that he leaves is the memory of a man who lived his entire life in the same community without any cause for reproach. Mr. Moers was fair and honest, this it seemed at times made him a little unpopular, but he stood fast to his convictions, mattered not the cost when honesty and fairness were at stake. He cared not for earthly earthly treasures if they were possible only through ill-gotten ways, his workmanship always stood the test. Mr. Moers served this City of Rosenberg as Water Commissioner for six years. The editor of the Herald who had known him as long as he had known anyone in the world served with him as his Mayor and certainly had an opportunity to become acquainted with his fine traits of character. Mr. Moers served in this capacity with fairness and no task was too great for him to undertake for the benefit of the entire citizenship of Rosenberg. He, like all human beings, possibly made some mistakes in carrying on the business of the city, but if he did make mistakes they were not of the mind and heart and he was ready to rectify them. Deceased is survived by his heartbroken wife, Mrs. Katerine Moers, three daughters, Mrs. Joe Blasdel of Richmond, Mrs. George Hausler and Miss Lavonne Moers of Rosenberg; three brothers, W. A. Moers of Wharton, Henry Moers of Addicks and Herman F. Moers of Rosenberg and a host of other relatives and friends. Funeral services were held at the First Methodist Church in Rosenberg Sunday afternoon, June 9, 1940, at 3 oclock. Rev. Ben Behrens, his beloved pastor, conducted the services in the presence of a great assembllage of sorrowing loved ones and friends. The large and beautiful floral offering, attested to the high esteem in which Mr. Moers was held in this community. The Foerster Funeral Home of Rosenberg had charge of funeral arrangements. Interment took place in the Moers addition, an addition owned by the deceased, in the W.O.W. Cemetery of Rosenberg.
William Henry Moers
Spouse1: Katie KATE Hoffman
b.1871 JUN 11 Grund, Hanover, Germany
d.1956 JAN 18 Houston, Harris County, Texas
imigrated from Germany around 1878

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