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Runner Group
Adam Runner Jr.   Sex: Male
Birth Date 1751  Birth Place Pulaski, Virginia Colony 
Death Date 1816 OCT 17  Death Place Rays Branch, Warren County KY. 
Father Adam Sr. Runner   Born: 1731 Died: 1795 
Mother Elizabeth Sarah Miller  Born: Died:
Adam Runner
A Reeves family web site (www.brianreeves.com), which traces its ancestry back to Benjamin Runner, first son of Adam Runner, Jr. and his second wife, Elizabeth (Betsy) Miller, claims Adam Runner, Jr. was born in Pennsylvania.
However, the 1850 US Census Records indicate Adam Runner, Jr. was born in Pulaski, Virginia Colony (located not far from Wythe).
Adam Runner, Jr. married Elizabeth Peggy Penner, born in 1770 in Virginia.
She died about 1800 in Warren Co, KY.
Their first child, William A. Runner, was born in Montgomery County, VA.
Child number four, Adam Runner, and number six, Ann Runner, were born in Wythe County, VA.
The seventh child, John (Adam) Runner, was born 1795 in Wythe County, VA.
Adam Runner, Jr. married his second wife Sarah Miller on October 22, 1802 and they had six more children.

Notes: DNA Tests Confirm Relationship Between Renners and Runners
According to the results from the DNA testing as part of the Renner/Runner/Lauffer Project,
Jacob Renner and Adam Runner Jr were related. The test subjects were myself
(from the Jacob Renner line) and a descendant of Adam Runner Jr, son of
Adam Renner/Runner of Montgomery/Wythe County, VA. I will be adding more
information on Adam Sr to this site a little later.
The Renner and Runner lines match exactly on 24 of 25 tested markers.
The lone mismatch is on one of the demonstrated faster-changing markers, a
situation weve seen several times in the Baker DNA Study, usually between lines where
the common ancestor is in the 1700s, as is the case here.
The DNA sequence is also, so far, very rare. These two tested lines match each other
but no one else in the entire FTNDA database. While the tests can prove
Jacob and Adam Jr were brothers, the combination of the tests showing the relationship
and the preponderance of historical/genealogical evidence would seem to make a very strong case
for that conclusion.
Ill not go into all the details at this time (Ill add them later)—here is briefly an overview of
some of the data:
1. The DNA tests show a relationship between Jacob Renner of Rockcastle County, KY, and Adam Runner Jr
of Warren County, KY, son of Adam Renner/Runner of Montgomery/Wythe County, VA.
2. The ages of Jacob and Adam Jr, and the known daughters of Adam Sr, are such that they could be siblings.
3. According to court documents from Wythe, Adam Sr had a son named Jacob, presumably the Jacob who is in the Wythe County tax lists near Adam.
4. Jacobs children were born in VA.
5. Southwest VA was a common place of origin for area families. For example, the Otts and
Fredericks, who settled in Rockcastle, and the Meeces of Pulaski, moved to KY from Wythe.
The former were neigbors of the Renner-Runners in Wythe.
6. Almost all of Adam Srs known children moved to KY after 1800. It looks as if at least one, perhaps two, of
Adams daughters were in Rockcastle in 1810 before moving on to Warren.
7. There is nothing that has come to light that contradicts Jacob being the son of Adam, including the
name differences. Both families, in VA and then in KY, were variously called Renner and/or Runner. 

Notes: The younger Adam Runner died Oct. 17, 1815, in Warren Co., KY and was buried in Smith-Runner Cemetery just off the road leading from the Richardsville Road to Mt. Olivet, County Highway 525 or Garrett Valley Road. His widow, Elizabeth (Miller) Runner, married Adam Flora Sept. 5, 1819.  

Spouse: Sarah Elizabeth Penner Peggy  Sex: Female
Birth Date 1770  Birth Place Virginia Colony 
Death Date 1833 ABOUT  Death Place Richardsville, Warren Co KY 
Father Peter Penner Born: 1731 Died: 1796 MAR 29
Mother Margaret Smith Born: 1743 Died: 1800
Sarah Elizabeth Penner Peggy Notes:  
Individual Notes:  
More Notes:  

Spouse 2: Elisabeth Miller BETSY  Sex: Female
Birth Date 1784  Birth Place Virginia 
Death Date 1833  Death Place Richardsville, Warren County Ky 
Father Jacob Jubal Miller Born: 1731 Died: 1796 MAR 29
Mother Margaret Penner Born: 1743 Died: 1743
Married: 1802 Oct 22  
Elisabeth Miller BETSY Notes: One reference lists her as Sarah Elizabeth Miller. She was born in Virginia. Some give her birth date 1784 and others 1787. One gave it 1792 - had she been born in 1792, she would have had her first son, Benjamin Runner born April 23, 1806, at age 14 which is unlikely. Her son, Henry Flora, in a census gave her birth as 1784 and said she was a native of Virginia. This would have made her 22 years old when her son Benjamin Runner was born. As her brother Henry was born in 1784, the more likely date would be 1787 (age 19 when Benjamin was born) and she would have been born between John Benjamin and James.  
Individual Notes: Elizabeth was the second wife of Adam Runner (Second), and he was Lovis Runners brother, making Adam Runner (Second) the uncle of the four Honakers Elizabeths brothers and sisters married. The Honaker and Miller families were "close knit"! * When Polly Honaker married in 1810, consent for her marriage was given by her mother. In 1815, consent for Anna Honaker to marry was given by her step-father, Benjamin Jones. We can establish from these facts that Joseph Honaker had died sometime before 1810 and that his widow, Lovis Honaker, had married Benjamin Jones sometime between 1810 and 1815.  
More Notes:  
# Adam has 12 Children Birth Death Mother Spouse Grand Children
1 Elisabeth Runner   b.1789 DEC 15
d.1860 MAY 05  
Sarah Elizabeth Penner Adam Miller
1 Sallie Miller
2 William C Miller b.1821
William T Miller b.1853
2 Nancy Runner   b.1793 MAR 09 Wythe Co VA
d.1872 MAR 28  
Sarah Elizabeth Penner John Smith
1 Melissa Smith
Samuel Sylvester Warmbrodt b.1861
Sara Viola Warmbrodt b.1895
Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor LIZ b.1932
3 Ann Runner   b.1794 Wythe Co VA
Sarah Elizabeth Penner
4 John Sr Runner "ADAM"   b.1795 Wythe Virginia
d.1859 SEP 05 Warren Co, KY 
Sarah Elizabeth Penner Elizabeth Duet Anderson
1 Rachel Runner
2 Mary Ann Runner
3 Elizabeth Runner
4 Emily Runner
5 Margaret Runner
6 Lucinda Runner
7 Jr John Runner
8 Benjamin Runner
9 William Runner
10 Benjamin Runner b.1838
Milton D. Runner b.1865
SR Benjamin C. Runner b.1905
John Milton Runner
Earl William Runner
Mary Ann Runner
David Lee Runner
Jr Benjamin C. Runner b.1941
5 William A Runner   b.1798 AUG 11 New Trail, Montgomery Co VA
d.1889 SEP 09 Smith-Runner Cemetary, Warren County KY 
Sarah Elizabeth Penner Margaret Sarah Penner
1 Zorinda J Runner b.1821
2 John A Runner b.1824
Susan E Runner b.1846
David M Runner b.1848
Amanda B Runner b.1850
George B Runner b.1852
Samuel F Runner b.1858
John B Runner b.1859
Alice E Runner b.1865
3 Alexander Chapman Runner b.1825
Nancy Addie Runner
Charles B Runner
John Henderson Runner
Jesse A Runner b.1852
Joseph Runner
Herschel Runner
William Thomas Runner b.1855
Mary Ida Runner b.1879
Nancy Belle Runner b.1881
Caroline Elizabeth Runner b.1883
Benjamin Alexander Runner b.1885
Hazel Imeld Runner b.1909
Clemmons Eugene Runner b.1914
Jewell Alexander Runner b.1917
Theodore Clifford Runner b.1919
Dorothy Beatrice Runner b.1922
Bessie A Runner b.1887
Thomas Hershel Runner b.1889
Thomas Lehmon Runner b.1912
Phil Merryl Runner Rev. b.1914
Charles Roy Runner b.1892
Etta Jane Runner b.1894
Hugh Simmons Runner b.1900
Barbara Shirlyne Runner b.1920
Vivian Jean Runner b.1932
Sarah M Runner b.1858
Mary E Runner Mollie b.1861
James Henderson Runner b.1865
Sr. William A Runner Willie b.1894
Jr. William A. Runner Bill
Richard A. Runner
Caroline Louise Runner
Janet Aurelia Runner
Virginia Marie Runner
Joanne Runner
Douglass James Runner
Ellisa J. Runner
James H Runner b.1871
George M Runner b.1881
Robert Cleveland Runner b.1884
Bobby Runner
Cecil Walton Runner b.1911
Cecil Dowling Runner
Linda Faye Runner
4 Mary Elizabeth Runner b.1827
William Irvin Taylor b.1854
Joseph Nicholas Taylor b.1857
5 infant Runner b.1830
6 Frances A Runner b.1831
7 Silas Marion Runner b.1833
M A Runner b.1855
Zerilda J Runner b.1857
Pricilla Runner b.1860
Silas Marion Runner b.1863
Roy Marion Carr b.1902
Laura Onieta Carr b.1929
Royleen Yvonne Carr b.1931
Frankie Maxine Carr b.1932
Marion Arvey Carr b.1935
8 Margaret Jane Runner b.1835
9 Nancy Runner b.1837
10 William Elgin Runner b.1839
Sarah Jane Runner b.1862
Nora Young b.1882
Bertha Young b.1883
Heber Young b.1886
Clive Young b.1888
Zula Young b.1890
Arch Young b.1892
Homer Young b.1895
Harry Young b.1897
Edwin Young b.1900
Walton Young b.1903
Dewitt Young b.1906
Walker Young b.1908
11 Mattie Runner b.1845
12 Richard B Runner b.1848
13 Amilda P Runner b.1851
14 Henderson James Runner b.1854
6 Polly Runner   b.1799
Sarah Elizabeth Penner Isaac Goff
1 William Henry Goff b.1818
2 John P Goff b.1822
3 James M Goff b.1824
4 Hartford Goff b.1826
5 Elizabeth Ann Goff b.1828
Pleasant Calvin Alford
Clarence P Alford
Elvis Smith Alford MD
6 Isaac Jackson Goff b.1830
7 Calvin Goff b.1832
8 Polly Ann Goff b.1835
7 Benjamin Runner   b.1806 APR 23 Boyle County KY
d.1878 MAY 12 Mt Zion Cemetary, Warren County KY 
Elisabeth Miller Sidney Ann Crews
1 Granville Washington Runner b.1830
Ettie E Runner
Eliza Runner
Alice Jane Runner Ally b.1858
Suzie Mahan
Jesse K. Mahan b.1881
James W. Mahan b.1883
Samuel H. Mahan b.1888
Bessie Mahan b.1899
Helen F Whalen b.1925
Annie Rafer Runner b.1861
Willie Ezra McGinnis b.1882
Hugh Thomas McGinnis b.1886
Harry Allen McGinnis b.1888
Benjamin Thomas Runner Ben b.1866
Ruby Runner
Birtha J Runner b.1888
Essie P Runner b.1894
Commodore R Runner b.1895
Kermit Runner
Willard Nyle Runner b.1921
Dorothy Maxine Runner b.1922
Stephen Kermit Runner b.1924
Virginia Ellen Runner b.1927
Annetta Ray Runner b.1929
Benjamin Thomas Runner b.1930
Alice Rose Runner b.1932
Patsy Sue Runner b.1936
Artie Sharon Runner b.1939
Brenda Joyce Runner b.1941
Cheryl Lynn Runner b.1948
Asa R Runner b.1898
William Gobel Runner b.1900
Sarah B Runner b.1868
James Luther Runner b.1870
Ann Leaner Runner b.1891
James Albert King b.1908
Elizabeth Mae King b.1911
Earl King b.1912
Myrl King b.1915
Christine Frances King b.1919
Pauline King b.1922
Bernice King b.1927
Bobbie King b.1936
Robert Washington Runner b.1894
Mildred Earline Runner b.1917
Ennis Ray Runner b.1923
Geralline Juanita Runner b.1925
Lillie D Runner b.1927
Mozelle Irene Runner b.1935
? Runner b.1896
Susan Josephine Runner b.1897
Gertie Jane Runner b.1900
Rebecca Thomas Runner b.1902
Gettye Edward Runner b.1904
Jr. Gettye E Runner
Jesse William Runner b.1906
Thelma Jeanette Runner b.1925
Rhodes Thomas Runner b.1927
William Fred Runner b.1941
Barbara Ellen Runner b.1946
Lucy Kate Runner b.1909
Edward Gene Whalen
William Barns Runner WILL b.1872
John Ezra Runner b.1894
Aileen Runner
Charline Runner
Elowen Runner
Kyle Elvis Runner
Myrtle Genell Runner
Hollie L Runner b.1896
Clara Belle Runner b.1919
Carl D Runner b.1899
Carlos Elwood Runner b.1925
Eliga A Runner b.1901
William Thomas Runner Bill b.1903
Billie Faye Runner b.1929
Charles French Runner b.1906
Felix Runner b.1907
Jerry Wayne Runner b.1938
Phillis June Runner b.1941
George Washington Runner b.1911
Hughie Elmer Runner b.1912
Donald Keith Runner b.1933
Martha Elizabeth Runner b.1937
Robert Gene Runner b.1945
Barbara Rose Runner b.1948
Eldridge Runner b.1915
Guy Barnes Runner
John Edward Runner b.1877
Eunice Runner b.1900
Lillie Avenelle Hines b.1919
Lola Beatrice Hines b.1920
Thelma Medrieth Hines b.1922
Johnnie Mae Hines b.1928
William Preston Hines b.1929
Helen Faye Hines b.1932
Dewey Runner Hines b.1935
Norma Jean Hines b.1937
Betty Rhea Hines b.1939
Florence Jonell Hines b.1940
Donnie Mae Runner b.1902
Elsie Runner b.1905
Laurance Edward Runner b.1907
John Elvis Runner b.1909
Randal S Runner b.1933
Phillip J Runner b.1946
Cecil Francis Runner b.1912
Donley M Runner b.1936
Mary Opal Runner b.1913
Cora Omadale Runner b.1916
Eunice Runner b.1900
2 Harriet Elisabeth Runner b.1831
3 Sarah Ann Runner b.1834
Elizabeth Reeves b.1858
Henry Hudnal Reeves b.1859
George Webster Reeves b.1863
Susan Francis Reeves b.1865
Laura Ida Reeves b.1867
Luther Reeves b.1870
Milburn Reeves b.1875
4 William E Runner b.1837
Drucilla Runner b.1861
Von E Runner b.1874
John Runner b.1878
5 Mary Jane Runner b.1839
6 Susan Hester Runner b.1844
Della Keown
Nettie Keown
Luther Keown
7 George Dean Runner b.1848
8 Louisa Frances Runner luisa b.1848
9 Emily Runner b.1850
8 Sallie Runner   b.1808 Boyle Co KY
Elisabeth Miller Joseph Burchfield
9 Adam Madison Runner   b.1808 MAR 21 Boyle County, Kentucky USA
d.1878 JUL 25 New Douglas, Madison County, Illinois 
Elisabeth Miller Malinda Schroeder
1 Elisabeth R Runner b.1845
2 Martha Jane Runner b.1846
Sarah B Harrod b.1869
Samuel M Harrod b.1871
William P Harrod b.1875
Joseph M Harrod b.1876
Daisy Ivis Harrod b.1903
Margaret Harvey b.1921
Haley C Harrod b.1905
Betty F Harrod b.1936
Martha H Harrod b.1945
Brenda S Harrod b.1948
Jacob S Harrod Jake b.1908
Delores Ann Harrod b.1933
Harvey Earl Harrod b.1909
Robert Harvey Harrod Bobby b.1930
Mildred Bernice Harrod b.1932
Elizabeth Jean Harrod b.1933
Joseph Earl Harrod Joe b.1937
Millard M Harrod b.1911
Lillie Harrod b.1913
James Carl Harrod b.1919
Margaret Elizabeth Harrod Beth b.1947
Patricia Carline Harrod b.1949
Robert Wendell Harrod b.1876
3 S F Runner b.1847
4 William H Runner b.1848
5 L F Runner b.1848
6 M J Runner b.1850
7 David Runner b.1851
8 Mary E Runner b.1854
9 Ann T Runner b.1856
Mary G Evans
10 Susan Runner b.1858
10 Jacob Runner   b.1810 Warren County KY
d.1828 AFTER  
Elisabeth Miller Sallie Burris
11 Dorinda Runner   b.1812 Warren County KY
Elisabeth Miller John Andrew Hightower
1 Nancy H Hightower b.1843
2 Mary Hightower b.1844
3 Robert F Hightower b.1845
4 Adiline Hightower b.1847
5 Silas W Hightower b.1849
6 Felding Gatewood Hightower b.1849
Effie Hightower
Nancy Hightower
Fannie Hightower b.1878
J Burley Hightower b.1878
Henry Lester Hightower b.1880
John Peter Hightower b.1882
Lillie Hightower b.1887
Harry Hightower b.1898
7 William Hightower b.1853
8 John D Hightower b.1854
9 Sarah F Hightower Sally b.1855
Dorinda Renda Richards Rendie
Ivy Richards
Magnolia Richards Mag b.1882
Nellie Francis Milam
10 Sylvester Hightower Dr. b.1858
12 Margaret Runner "Polly"   b.1813
Elisabeth Miller
Adam Runner Jr. Ancestors Chart
Parents 2 4 persons 8 persons 16 persons 32 persons 64 persons 128 persons 256 persons 512 persons 1024 persons -
Adam Runner Sr.
b.1731 d.1795
Mathias Lauffer Runner
Johannes Michael Lauffer
b.1705 d.1793
   Anna Marie Elisabeth Wertz
b.1708 d.1803
Wilhelm Wurtz Sr
b.1703 d.1782
    Anna Catharina Kohl
b.1706 d.1791
Nicolaus Bahlman
b.1672 d.1753
     Anna Catharina Offeler
b.1671 d.1713
  Catherine ?
Parents 2 4 persons 8 persons 16 persons 32 persons 64 persons 128 persons 256 persons 512 persons 1024 persons -
Elizabeth Sarah Miller
2 persons 4 persons 8 persons 16 persons 32 persons 64 Persons 128 persons 256 persons 512 persons 1024 persons -

4 Photos
Adam Runner

.Adam Runners stone Restoration.
Adam Runners stone Restoration
.Adam Runner Jr .
Adam Runner Jr
Headstone in the Smith - Runner Cemetery
.Adam Runner Headstone.
Adam Runner Headstone
Smith Runner Cenetery
.Adam Runner Jr Headstone.
Adam Runner Jr Headstone

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