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Vincent D. Cowles   Sex: Male
Birth Date 1792 OCT 09  Birth Place James City Co. Va. 
Death Date 1862  Death Place Warren County, Kentucky USA 
Father Henry B. Cowles GRINNING HENRY  Born: 1751 FEB 10 Died: 1835 
Mother Elizabeth Piggott Pickett  Born: Died:
Vincent D. Cowles
Notes for VINCENT D. COWLES: I cant find a will on Vincent maybe he moved or something. Maybe he didn t fool with a will. More About VINCENT D. COWLES: Burial: possible: at Sturdivant-Hawks Cemtery Military service: 1812, Fought in War of 1812 Occupation: 1850, Farmer Wife (Facts Pg): Poss. wife was a Madeline ?  

Notes: Census: 1860 United States Federal Census|about Vincent Cowles|Name: Vincent Cowles|Age in 1860: 69|Birth Year: abt 1791|Birthplace: Virginia|Home in 1860: District 2, Warren, Kentucky|Gender: Male|Post Office: Bowling Green|Value of real estate: View image|Household Members:|Name Age|Vincent Cowles 69|Serena Cowles 28|Fidelia Cowles 25|Louisa Cowles 21|Solomon Boyd 14|Eliza Boyd 10|William Boyd 7 1860 

Spouse: Mary Pansley King Norris POLLY  Sex: Female
Birth Date 1792 MAY 27  Birth Place Southwest Territory, United States 
Death Date 1860 JUL 06  Death Place  
Father Born: Died:
Mother Born:
Mary Pansley King Norris POLLY Notes: Notes for MARY PATSEY OR PANSEY NORRIS (PANSLEY KING): I have thought that Pansley King was the mother of James Nathaniel and his siblings. Due to information and census reports I believe they were the same person. Also Id like to say it is still possible that there was a Pansley King Cowles but I think it is about a 5% chance of that. In Warren County Marriage Register Mary Norris is listed as Patsey Norris. Speculation: Mary Norris full name was Mary Patsey King Norris. Some people think that Patsey or Pansley whatever you want to call her that she was married to a King before Vincent but I dont believe this happened. Vincent and Patsey were married according to the Warren Co. Marriage Register. They were around the age of 21. Their son my 2nd great grandfather James was born in 1825 they were around the age of 33. According to a 1850 cenus they were still married being at the age of 58. Some problems though if I read it correctly Mary P. was born in TN. I read in a census report that said his (James N.) mother was born in VA.??? ?? Maybe Marys mother was a King or something and they named her that. The Cowles Families in America might have wrote the wrong name down. Debbie Gravens grandaughter of William Arthur and Mae Cowles interviewed her grandmother Mae she gave what she had by memory had said that Vincent D.s wife was Pansley King. This is a mystery to me.  
Individual Notes: Letter: Lilly Mae Cowles to Eunice Mae MillsEstes Title: Lilly Mae Cowles, Letter from Mae Cowles to Eunice Mae Mills Estes. (Bowling Green, KY: 13 Mar 1978) Text: Mrs. Eunice Estes Bowling Green, KY Hollis, OK March 13, 1978 Dear Cousin, Surprise to have letter from you. I am a very poor hand to write as you will see I am now 72 years old. Still do my work and work 5 hour day in the store. My daughter work from 7 till 3. I work 2 till 6:30, right long in the summer. My husband open at 5. He is almost deaf. Everyone know it, so the store is self service store. They get what they want. I live on a farm 13 miles from B. G. Noth. We have a 350 acre farm, but lots is in timber. It poor land if there is any poor land money wise. I have 3 girls. Two live in Louisville, one live 3 mile hea on a farm. She has a birthday today. She is 49. She two girls. Well, I will tell all I know about our family. Mollie Cowles Mills was my fathers sister. His name was Ronzil Cowles. He was the son of Albert Cowles and Ruth Wingfield Cowles. Albert Cowles father was Vincent D. Cowles. He was born Oct. 9, 1792. They came from England. First settle in Connecticut. After the Civil War come to Ky with a family of Kings. His wife was Patsey King, born May 27, 1792. I have the old Bible with the records. The sheet got tore half in two some way down the road. Albert was born Nov. 4, 1827. They had seven children. My father had 18 children. He married 3 times. 6 children by each. I am the only girl in the second wife. I am the only one left here as old as I am. I have one bro. in Louisville. He left here when he was 17. I lived with Uncle Gentry & Maggie. Th ey had one boy, Roy. All passed away. I bought this farm Aunt Maggie. Albert Cowles had lots of kids. Haddie Cowles married Penner. Alice C. and Sera C. went to Anderson before I was born. That I know of them. Mollie Cowles Mills Marvin Cowles died at 17. Gentry Cowles married Maggie Jones John Cowles married a Lewis Clara Cowles live at Uncle Gentry. Never married. You see I was a Cowles on your side. Also my mother was a Mills. I married a Cowles. Aunt Mollie visit Gentry one time when I live there. I remembered her. Your Grandfather Mills was my Grandfathers brother, so Great grandfather was Tom Mills. I remember him. He live till he was 92. I must write to Beulah. I also visit Clyde Essary one time in 52 in Hollis, Okla. You see I am forgettable. I cant remember as good as I would like to. We have operated a country store for 42 years. The Great God has bless the labor of our hands. We are not rich, but are not poor either. I was rose country and still live country. I have a modern house. Not fancy. I we also have 4 houses to rent, so you know how many headaches we have. We have 20 cows and should sell. Then we rent the land to who we can. We are not able for that kind of work. We both have lots of trouble, but still try keep going. We should retire, but you get wound up and no place to stop. My car went out on me. Wa is out get a clutch put in. We had s now 6 Jan. still spots of snow. This has been a bad year. I was so afraid I fall and broke my hip I didnt go no where only at the store and back. We had buy a 4 wheel drive pickup to go at all. I hope I have bore you too much with this letter. Your Cousin, Mae Cowles R. 1 Bowling Green 
# Vincent D. has 11 Children Birth Death Mother Spouse Grand Children
1 Samuel Cowles   b.
Mary Pansley King Norris
2 Absalom Cowles   b.
Mary Pansley King Norris
3 Louisa Cowles   b.
Mary Pansley King Norris
4 William Norwood Cowles   b.1815 Warren Co. KY
Mary Pansley King Norris Martha Parker
1 Fideller Cowles
2 Leander A Cowles b.1841
Daisy Dean Cowles b.1870
Herman Wilson b.1892
Hershel Wilson b.1895
Roy Wilson b.1896
Matthew B Cowles b.1872
Flood Noah Cowles b.1875
Eva Beatrice Cowles b.1877
Lemmie Jane Cowles b.1879
3 Nancy Jane Cowles b.1842
4 John Cowles b.1845
5 Fidella Cowles b.1848
Effie Cowles
Lonnie Cowles
Alonzo Cowles
6 Mary Ann Cowles b.1849
7 James Cowles b.1849
8 Samuel Cowles b.1850
9 Richard Cowles b.1858
5 Fielding Cowles   b.1819
Mary Pansley King Norris Sarah Parker
1 Reeves Cowles
2 James Cowles
3 Mary Ann Cowles
4 Martha Ann Cowles
5 Paradine Cowles
6 Sterling Cowles b.1842
Sarah B Cowles b.1876
Lather C Cowles b.1878
Veachel C Cowles b.1880
7 Thomas Cowles b.1844
6 Jane P. Cowles   b.1823
Mary Pansley King Norris ? Boyd
1 Solomon Boyd
2 Eliza Boyd
7 Serina Cowles   b.1826
Mary Pansley King Norris
8 Albert King Cowles "ABSALOM K"   b.1827 NOV 04
Mary Pansley King Norris Ruth Ann Wingfield
1 Albert Gentry Cowles
Hugh Roy Cowles
Kenneth Donald Cowles
Kenneth Donal Cowles
Albert C Cowles
Dean Cowles
2 George Cowles
Huey Cowles
Allen Cowles
Robert Cowles
Percey Cowles b.1907
3 Hayden Cowles
4 Paralee Cowles
5 Sarah A Cowles
6 Serena Cowles
7 Jane Cowles b.1849
8 Felissa Cowles b.1851
9 John Thomas Cowles b.1859
Clark Cowles
Henry Cowles
Jessie Cowles
Richard Cowles
John Buford N Cowles
Allie Cowles
Maude Cowles
Ruth Cowles
Addie Cowles
Alice Cowles
Joseph Pleasant Cowles
10 Alice Cowles b.1860
11 Haddie Ann Cowles b.1864
12 Rutha Clara Cowles b.1864
13 Mary Cowles b.1865
Rumsey Dow Mills b.1884
Virgil Quincy Mills b.1887
John Edward Mills b.1891
Mary Clyde Mills b.1893
14 Albert J Cowles b.1869
15 Louisa D Cowles b.1872
16 Ronzil Cowles b.1872
Ramsey Cowles
Clara Cowles
JH Cowles
Molly Mills
Lizzie Horney
Alice Mitchell
Hattie Penner
Dow Cowles
Marvin Cowles
Clifton Cowles
Homer Cowles
Ralph Cowles
Ray Cowles
Clara Minnie Cowles b.1900
David Oscar Cowles b.1901
Robert Cowles b.1903
Geneva Albert Cowles b.1904
Lillie Mae Cowles b.1905
Freoda Cowles
Juanita Mae Cowles b.1929
Cecil Cowles b.1907
Carl Cowles b.1909
17 Marvin B Cowles b.1874
9 James Nathaniel Cowles   b.1828
d.1882 A tree fell on him and killed him 
Mary Pansley King Norris Maragret F Graham
1 Adeline Cowles
2 William Ervin Cowles
Hettie Cowles
Jessie E James
Cecil James
Luther James
Leroy James
Wilma James
Willie Thomas Cowles b.1886
Wilbur Cowles
Lorene Cowles
Walter Cowles
Willard Cowles
Wayne Cowles
Adele Cowles
Rayborn Cowles
Hulen Cowles
Lois Cowles b.1912
Bernust Cowles
Eliza Cowles
Ovine Cowles b.1935
3 Elizabeth Cowles Lizzie b.1855
Lawrence Watt
Earl Watt
Walker Watt
Clarence Watt BUD
4 Vincent Cowles b.1860
Allie Cowles
Jr. Fred Grimes
Iona Grimes
Iris Grimes
Garnett Grimes b.1914
Elizabeth Grimes b.1917
Garmon R Grimes b.1920
Margaret Cowles
Arthur Lee Mills
Ottis Lenon Mills
Lillian Annetta Mills
Larry Cummings
Paul Mills
Ethyl Cowles
Maple Bledsoe
Roger Cowles b.1885
Bill Cowles
Rosie Cowles
Agnes Cowles
James Cowles
Freddie Cowles
Edith Cowles
Peaches Cowles b.1926
Mitchell Massey
Elaine Massey
Melvin Massey b.1949
Willard W Cowles b.1892
Gillious Cowles
J D Cowles b.1915
Willodean Cowles b.1922
Edgar Cowles b.1898
Zerow Cowles b.1899
Eula Cowles b.1903
Darel Carrier
Harlod Carrier
Nicki Carrier
Roy Lee Carrier
Christine Carrier
Georgietta Carrier
Pauline Carrier
James Holbert Cowles b.1905
Louisa Alice Cowles b.1918
Mildred Allene Cowles b.1920
Holbert Ralph Cowles b.1922
Nellie Virginia Cowles b.1923
Ambrose Monroe Cowles b.1925
Margie Elizabeth Cowles b.1927
Edice Evelyn Cowles b.1928
W V Cowles b.1931
Ava Murline Cowles b.1933
Alva Roger Cowles b.1935
Paul Thomas Cowles b.1941
Clarence Cowles b.1905
Bernust Cowles
Eliza Cowles
Ovine Cowles b.1935
5 Asher Cowles b.1864
6 Margaret Callie Cowles b.1868
7 Cordelia Cowles b.1871
Hershel Lucas
Rochester Lucas b.1897
Hazel Lucas
Hielda Lucas
Marvin Lucas
Melvin Lucas
8 Sylvanus G Cowles b.1871
Fred Cowles
Christopher Cowles
Virgil Elmer Cowles b.1905
9 Jesse Marcellus Cowles b.1874
Horace Cowles
Virgil Cowles
Eula Cowles b.1894
Aubrey James Cowles b.1901
Mary Cowles
Gloria Cowles
Dorothy Cowles
James Cowles b.1941
10 Mattie Bell Cowles b.1878
Monroe Atchley
Grace Atchley b.1915
10 Fidella Newton Cowles   b.1831 APR 10
Mary Pansley King Norris Amanda Tinsley
1 Betty Cowles
Edgar Clemmons
2 Mason Cowles
Elmer Cowles
William Arthur Cowles b.1905
Freoda Cowles
Juanita Mae Cowles b.1929
Coy Cowles b.1913
Lawrence Cowles b.1917
3 Porter H Cowles b.1880
Ethel Cowles
Myrtle Cowles
Helen Cowles
Cecil Cowles
Annie Belle Cowles b.1908
Larma Ray Cowles b.1913
Bacle W Cowles b.1916
11 Elizabeth Stitchen Cowles   b.1837 APR 03 Ky
d.1880 JUL 06 Ky 
Mary Pansley King Norris Benjamin Thomas Mills
1 Lynn Mills
2 George Mills b.1855
Viola Mills
Ruben Mills
Nina Mills
Lizzie Mills
Kathrina Mills
Henry Mills
Emmer Mills
Cleavland Mills
Bob Mills
Bertha Mills
Alva Mills
Catherine Mills b.1880
Huey Cowles
Allen Cowles
Robert Cowles
Percey Cowles b.1907
Louisa Mills b.1881
David Oscar Cowles b.1901
Robert Cowles b.1903
Geneva Albert Cowles b.1904
Lillie Mae Cowles b.1905
Freoda Cowles
Juanita Mae Cowles b.1929
Cecil Cowles b.1907
Carl Cowles b.1909
3 John Mills b.1859
Rumsey Dow Mills b.1884
Virgil Quincy Mills b.1887
John Edward Mills b.1891
Mary Clyde Mills b.1893
4 Leonard Newton Mills b.1861
5 Emby E. Mills b.1864
6 Joseph Mills b.1865
Annie Mills
7 Dovie Jane Mills b.1868
Fannie Lou Bertha Sullivan b.1889
Lawrence Lawson Sullivan b.1891
Bercha Bell Sullivan b.1893
Regnal Houchins b.1912
Otha Gilbreth Sullivan b.1895
Nella May Sullivan b.1921
Floyd Ray Sullivan b.1923
Ralph Guy Sullivan b.1927
Dortha Lee Sullivan b.1932
Lola Carma Sullivan b.1898
Aungelle Barbara Cowles b.1921
Wanda Maley Cowles b.1923
Mark Twain Sullivan b.1902
Marlene Sullivan
Margarett Marie Sullivan b.1928
Mark Toms
Ida Veler Sullivan b.1905
Mary Dove Sego b.1923
Dorothy Karen Kennedy b.1949
Terri Diana Kennedy b.1952
James Wylie Kennedy b.1956
Hiram Jett Sego b.1925
Joy Denise Sego
Lisa Sego
James Sego
Dorothy Lou Sego b.1932
Ada Rumigny le Fleming Baroness Fleming b.1063
Kathy Anderson b.1953
Micheal Anderson b.1956
James Robert Sego b.1935
Carlos Thomas Sullivan b.1907
Thomas Nelson Sullivan b.1934
Kenneth Earl Sullivan b.1936
Misty Dawn Sullivan
Karen Gay Sullivan b.1962
Sharon Kay Sullivan b.1962
Kenneth Earl Sullivan b.1966
Estil Ray Sullivan b.1938
Cary Sullivan
Scarlett Sullivan
David Lawson Sullivan b.1940
Nina Mae Sullivan b.1942
Robert Ross
Tina Ross
Terri Ross
Tanya Ross
Gary Windell Sullivan b.1945
Alicia Dianne Sullivan b.1965
Rita Kaye Sullivan b.1967
Willie Dovie Sullivan b.1910
Nelva Lee Bratcher b.1930
Billy Ray Bratcher b.1932
Steve Bratcher
Debra Bratcher
Charles Wayne Bratcher b.1936
Willie Francis Bratcher b.1941
Tennie Gladys Sullivan b.1911
Donald Keith Runner b.1933
Edward Lee Runner b.1957
Martha Elizabeth Runner b.1937
Bennie Clyde Page b.1961
Kathy Page b.1963
Daniel Page b.1971
Robert Gene Runner b.1945
Robert Runner b.1966
Monica A. Runner b.1968
Barbara Rose Runner b.1948
Sean Swanson
Erin Swanson
Norine Vivian Sullivan b.1912
Noma Lea Bohannon b.1936
Nomie Novice Sullivan b.1914
8 Luther T. Mills b.1871
Vincent D. Cowles Ancestors Chart
Parents 2 4 persons 8 persons 16 persons 32 persons 64 persons 128 persons 256 persons 512 persons 1024 persons -
Henry B. Cowles
b.1751 d.1835
Thomas F Cowles
b.1730 d.1806
John Cowles
Richard Cowles
  Elizabeth Crawley
Parents 2 4 persons 8 persons 16 persons 32 persons 64 persons 128 persons 256 persons 512 persons 1024 persons -
Elizabeth Piggott Pickett
2 persons 4 persons 8 persons 16 persons 32 persons 64 Persons 128 persons 256 persons 512 persons 1024 persons -

1 Photos
Vincent D. Cowles

.Vincent Cowles and Mary Norris.
Vincent Cowles and Mary Norris


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