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Johan Peter Fotsch Sr JOHN  Sex: Male
Birth Date 1715  Birth Place  
Death Date 1784  Death Place  
Father Johann F Fotsch   Born: 1694 Died: 1784 
Mother   Born: Died:
Johan Peter Fotsch
Johann Jacob as the mother of Barbara Fudge was found in the Agnes Scott College Library in their index files. Mother was married to Jacob and Peter..but Jacob is the mother of Barbara. Source: "The Fudge (Fotsch) Family", Miscellaneous Family Notes, pp. 1 - 4, 15. Prepared by Dr. John Greever (revised 02/07/92) Dr. Greevers - footnote sources: (1) - Lyman Chalkley, CHRONICLES OF THE SCOTCH-IRISH SETTLEMENT IN VIRGINIA, Rosslyn, Va., 1912, vol. I. (2) - Frank M. Sellers, THE CHRISTIAN FUDGE FAMILY..., Alstead, N.H.: Sellers Publishing Company. (3) - Bertha Lewis Clark, THE FUDGE FAMILY IN VIRGINIA AND WEST VIRGINIA, 55 typewritten pages, 1939. Deposited in DAR Library, Washington, D.C. (4) - Prof. I. Daniel Rupp, A COLLECTION OF UPWARDS OF THIRTY THOUSAND NAMES OF GERMAN, SWISS, DUTCH, FRENCH AND OTHER IMMIGRANTS TO PENNSYLVANIA FROM 1727 to 1776, Philadelphia: Leary, Stuart & Co., 1875. (5) - Ralph Beaver Strassburger, "Pennsylvania German Pioneers", edited by William John Hinke, vol. 1, 1727-1775. Published in vol. XLII of the PROCEEDINGS OF THE PENNSYLVANIA GERMAN SOCIETY, 1934. (6) - Lyman Chalkley, Ibid., vol. III. (7) - Don Yoder, Editor, PENNSYLVANIA GERMAN IMMIGRANTS 1709-1786, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1980. (8) & (9) - Augusta Co., VA - original text of court records that Dr. Greever had viewed & quoted. (10) - Lyman Chalkley, Ibid., vol. II (11) - Daughters of the American Revolution, DAR PATRIOT INDEX, vol. II, Washington, 1966. (12) - Lloyd DeWitt Bockstruck, VIRGINIAS COLONIAL SOLDIERS, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1988, pp. 202, 333. (13) - John H. Gwathmey, HISTORICAL REGISTER REGISTER OF VIRGINIANS IN THE REVOLUTION, Richmond: The Dietz Press, 1938. (14) - Lewis Preston Summers, ANNALS OF SOUTHWEST VIRGINIA, 1769-1800, Abingdon, Virginia, 1922. 1 June 1741. John Fudge, Sr. landowner. Patented to David, Margaret and Daniel Witreith, and by them conveyed to John Fudge, Sr., on Shanandoah River. (Fudge name spelled Futch) 

Notes: Born: Abt Oct 1709, Hallau, Kanton Scaffhausen 1439 Marriage (1): Anna MEYER before 1738-1739 Marriage (2): Widow SHITLY before Oct 1743-1744 1439 Marriage (3): Katrina MAGERT after Nov 1743-1744 in , Augusta, Virginia 1439 Died: Aug 23, 1784, Rockingham Co., VA about age 74 3707,3708 Other names for John were Hans Fotsch, Hans Fotsch, Hans Fotsch and Hs Fotsch. General Notes: Places of residence: Hallau, Schaffhausen Canton, Switzerland (bef. 1744) Emigrated to America in 1744 Pennsylvania (1744) Unknown (1745-1749) Augusta Co., VA (1750-1778) Rockingham Co., VA (1778-1784) This family is linked to me through DNA The Halotype of the other member of this family is J2a1bi From Leslie on 16 Feb 1. His name has also been shown as Johan Fuchs. On the internet someone thought his birthday may have been in 1715. "The spelling of the Futch name and the change to Fudge often has been thought to be the origin of the southern candy the same name as this family remained in the deep south the candy is from the south. It is a mixture of Chocolate from Germany and the sugar cane of the south. The Futch and Fudge family were from Germany so this may be where it came from but there us no hard evidence to support such a tale". - Ron Shipman The Fudge line was prolific, wasn it? I think there are some differences from yours - will be interesting to see how many things are different - if you have the time. We do have different birthplaces for the original John Fudge and I do not have a document in hand that says he was born in Switzerland, only a person who says she has documentation, but I have not seen it. Do you have documentation of the birthplace you have? I do have the ship documentation that said that there were 8 children with John & wife when he arrived. However some sources say his Wife - Mrs. Shitley/Seitly died enroute, so all is speculative. Year: 1744 Place: Pennsylvania Family Members: Wife & 8 children (my note: possibly - Hans; Conrad, Elizabeth, Jacob, 2 unknown ch.; wife- the former widow Shitely; stepchildren - Ann, Ursila, Francis Shitely) Source Publication : 8955 Primary Immigrant: Fotsch, Hs Annotation: Regarding emigration from Schaffhausen, from various sources. About 150 emigrants from the Canton of Schaffhausen, Switzerland, 1734-1752, are named, with places of origin, some occupations, years of emigration. Destinations were Pennsylvania, Nova Scotia (Halifax), and Carolina. This is a supplement to Steinemanns article "Die schaffhauserische Auswanderung und ihre Ursachen" (Emigration from Schaffhausen and its causes). See also no. 8945, Steinemann. Stienemann, Ernst. ZUR SCHAHAUSERISCHEN AUSWANDERUNG, p. 96. In Beitraege zur Vaterlaendischen Geschichte. [Switzerland:] Historisch-antiquarischen Verein des Kantons Schaffhausen, 1936, 

Notes: Source: Stienemann, Ernst. _ZUR SCHAFFHAUSERISCHEN AUSWANDERUNG_, p. 96. In Beitraege zur Vaterlaendischen Geschichte. [Switzerland:] Historisch-antiquarischen Verein des Kantons Schaffhausen, 1936, pt. 13, pp. 86-99. Family Members: Wife & 8 children (Hans; Conrad, Elizabeth, Jacob, 2 unknown ch.; wife- the former widow Shitely; stepchildren - Ann, Ursila, Francis Shitely) Source Publication Code: 9964 Annotation: Five lists originally published between the years 1936 and 1951. See no. 2444, Gerber; no. 4525, Langguth; no. 3193, Hinke; no. 4357, Krebs; and no. 8945, Steinemann. The lists cover emigrants from Wuerttemberg, Wertheim, Zweibruecken, and Schaffhausen. Indexed. Source: Yoder, Don, editor. _PENNSYLVANIA GERMAN IMMIGRANTS, 1709-1786_: Lists Consolidated from Yearbooks of the Pennsylvania German Folklore Society. p. 332. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1980. 394p. Repr. 1984. 24 November 1763. Carpenter vs. Fonts (Fotch).--Chancery. Writ dated 24th November, 1763. Complainants are George Carpenter and Ann, his wife; Stephen Hantsberger and Ursilla, his wife; Matthew Hearce and Francis, his wife, daughters and co-heirs of John Shitley, deceased; that John Shitley was an inhabitant of the German Empire, where he died, having a small personal estate, leaving behind him your oratrices, then very young, and ----, his wife, mother of oratrices, and one of the defendants, who by the laws and customs of the empire, possessed herself of the small fortune of her husband. Shortly after the fathers death, the widow, thinking to benefit herself and children, transported herself to America, bringing with her your oratrices and what remained of John Shitleys estate, amounting to near ¹100, Virginia currency, and some time after her arrival married John Fotch, the other defendant, who took possession of all the effects. That as your oratrices grew up, they intermarried (as above) and their husbands frequently applied to the said John Fotsch and wife for the parts due their wives, but obtained only ¹20 Pennsylvania Currency, ¹7 Virginia Currency, and 2 horses, worth ¹14, for which they gave receipt to Fotsch, expecting to receive the remainder in a short time, but now so it is, he refuses to pay them anything more. John Fotchs answer: He married the widow of John Shitley in Germany and not in America, and that on her passage to America she died at Plymouth. He never possessed himself of any part of Shitleys estate, for he died insolvent, except a few trifling bed clothes made use of by his children on shipboard, but he says the grandfather of oratrices, Malchia Shitley, left them goods and chattels which this defendant, marrying their mother, possessed himself of, and before he came to America sold for as much money as came to ¹67 Virginia Currency, of which defendant expended ¹8 for oratrices for provisions and carriage from Switzerland to Holland, where they took shipping, almost 300 miles. He also paid for their passage to America the sum of 16 pistoles, and provisions growing short on shipboard, he was obliged to expend 30 shillings. Having landed in Maryland and intending to settle at Tulpahocken in Pennsylvania, he spent ¹3, 15 for provisions and carriage to that place. That he left Germany in 1744, and about 2 or 3 years after he came to this country he advanced to oratrices ¹25 in Virginia Currency, and two mares of the price of ¹14, 10. [p.496] 31 March 1762. That lately, on 31st March, 1762, he and complainants came to a final settlement and defendant agreed to settle with them ¹42. March 1762. Augustine Price deposes before Felix Gilbert: That is March, 1762, in company with George Carpenter, John Fotch and others, Carpenter and Fotch agreed to leave their dispute to Jacob Pershinger, Jacob Nicholas and Daniel Price, but they could not agree, when they came to an agreement themselves, the only question remaining whether Virginia or Pennsylvania Currency. Daniel Price deposes the same. March 1749. Jacob Miller deposes: That being at the house of John Fotch some time in March, 1749, he heard George Carpenter ask three Gerles, that were heirs to the estate of ----, if they were satisfied with what they had received. Jacob Pershinger deposes like Augustine Price. 1750. Barbary Miller deposes, that being in company with Usley Shutling in 1750, Usley said she had received a mare and some clothes, and was well satisfied. 

Notes: Source: Chalkley, Lyman, _SCOTCH-IRISH SETTLEMENT IN VIRGINIA_, v. 1 (Records of Augusta County, Virginia, 1745-1800), Baltimore, MD: 1912. "The most reliable source of information we have on the immigration and first years in America of John Fudge(9) comes from the records of a lawsuit brought in 1763 before the General Court of Augusta County, Virginia. The suit was brought against John Fudge(9) by three stepdaughters who felt that he had misappropriated funds due them from their fathers estate(1,2). This suit was settled in 1766 by the payment of L42 in Virginia currency to the stepdaughters. Although it was reported in 1990 that the original court records for this case have been lost or stolen, a brief abstract of the court record has been published, and Frank M. Sellers has published further details based on notes taken when he was able to examine the original records about 1980.(1,2) The court records included a deposition by John Fudge(9) that , before departing for America, he had married the widow of John Shitly, and that sometime after their marriage he had sent for the widows three daughters, who had remained in Switzerland. The family then boarded ship in Holland for the voyage to America.(1) John Fudge(9) goes on to state that the ship made a landing (presumably for provisions and permission to bring immigrants to America) in Plymouth, England, where the widow died. John Fudge(9) continued the voyage to America, accompanied by three stepdaughters, and probably by children of his own, either from his marriage to the widow, or from a previous marriage. The Shitly daughters were Ann, who later married George Carpenter; Ursilla, who married Stephen Huntsberger; and Frances, who married Matthew (alias Martin) Heorce.(1) Upon arrival in America, the ship landed in Maryland and John Fudge(9) made arrangement for transportation to the Tulpehocken area of Lancaster County (now Berks County), Pennsylvania, where he intended to settle.(2) He found this area to be overcrowded, and he was unable to purchase suitable land there. How he spent the years from 1744 to 1750 is not known, but he stated in his deposition that he was in Virginia within two or three years after arriving in Pennsylvania, and he probably married his wife Katrina while still in Pennsylvania.(2) Bertha Lewis Clark and Frank M. Sellers both concluded that John Fudge(9) was Johan Peter Fuchs who immigrated to Philadelphia on 20 Oct 1744 aboard the Ship Phoenix from Rotterdam, Holland, with a stop at Cowes, England.(2,3,4,5) On the same ship as Johan Peter Fuchs there was a Cunradt Fuchs conjectured to have been his brother.(4,5) There are difficulties, however, with this interpretation of the surviving passenger ship lists. No use of the surname Fuchs (or its English translation Fox) has been cited for John Fudge(9) after his arrival in America; other spellings of his surname which do appear in early records are Fotch, Fotsch, Votsch, Futch and Fuge.(1,6) also, one must keep in mind that John Fudge(9) himself stated that he had landed in 1744 in Maryland on a ship which had stopped at Plymouth, England. Plymouth and Cowes are about ten miles apart, with Plymouth on the main island of Britain, and Cowes on the Isle of Wight. Church records in Hallau, Switzerland, show that Hans Fotsch, a weaver, left the locality for Pennsylvania in 1744 with his wife, five children and three step-children.(7) Hallau is situated in an orchard and general farming region of Schaffhausen, the northernmost Swiss canton, within five miles of the German border. "Hans" is a German equivalent of "John", and the coincidence of name, number of step-children, and arrival date make it clear that Hans Fotsch was the same man as the John Fudge(9) who settled in Virginia, and whose surname appears in various records with the spellings Fotsch, Votsch, Fotch, Futch, Fudge and Fodge.(1,6) Since many ship passenger lists have not survived, identifying the ship on which John Fudge(9) arrived may never be possible; doing so, however, is really not very important except as a means of ascertaining his place of origin, and date of immigration, both of which seem settled by the remarkable agreement of the Swiss records with his own deposition. The description given in John Fudge(9)s deposition of the travels of the widow and her daughters suggest that his marriage to the widow may have been of relatively short duration.(2) The fact that he had fathered five children before leaving for Pennsylvania, leads one to suspect that he had lost a wife before he married the widow.(1) Since we have no record of when John Fudge(9) and the widow Shitly were married, we cannot say whether any children were born to that marriage. After arriving in America, John Fudge(9) fathered additional children by his wife Katrina. By 1750, John Fudge(9) had reached the area at the foot of Massanutten Mountain (then called Peaked Mountain), on the Shenandoah River, south of the present town of McGaheysville.(2) There he purchased 300 acres of land from David Magert (believed to have been his father-in-law) and Daniel Weitreith.(1) In 1764 he patented an additional 290 acres adjoining the first parcel.(2) Although in Augusta County at the time of purchase, these parcels were in Rockingham County after 1778. John Fudge(9) sold portions of this land consisting of 236 acres each to his sons Conrad Fudge and John Fudge(8) in 1771.(6) He sold the remaining portion in 1784 to Peter Kesling, husband of his son Davids widow, under the condition he and Katrina(9) would continue to have the use of the house for the rest of their lives.(2) John Fudge(9) was dead by 24 May 1784. His widow Katrina(9) renounced the provisions of his will, and received instead the use of one-third his estate for life, as allowed by Virginia law.(2) There is also a record John Fudge(9) purchased land in 1777 on Christians Creek, near Staunton, Virginia, but there is no indication he ever lived on that land.(10) The Daughters of the American Revolution recognize John Fudge(9) as having performed patriotic service during the Revolutionary War, and his descendants are therefore eligible for D.A.R. or S.A.R. membership.(11) In one reference John Fudge(9) is listed as a member of Capt. Francis Kirkleys Company of Augusta County Militia on 30 Oct 1761 and, in another reference, as in Capt. Johnsons Company, Augusta County Militia.(12,13) On 19 Oct 1795 John Fudge(8) purchased 200 acres on the North Fork of the Holston River in Rich Valley, Washington County, for [script L with slash thru it is preceding #] L810.(14) " 

Johan Peter Fotsch Will: will was written 8 Oct. 1789 Proved July Term 1790 WILL OF JACOB FUDGE, SENIOR In the name of God Amen, I Jacob Fudge Senior of South Carolina and Edgefield County being weak in body, but of perfect mind and memory, thanks be given unto God, calling unto mind the mortality of my body, and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, do make and ordain this my Last Will and Testament, that is to say, principally and first of all, -- I gave and recommend my soul into the hands of almighty God that gave it, and my body I recommend to the earth to be buried in a decent Christian burial, at the discretion of my executors, nothing doubting, but at the general resurrection, I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God, and as touching such worldly estate wherewith it has pleased God to bless me in this life, I give and demise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form. Imprinis. I gave and bequeath to my loving wife Margaret Fudge during her natural life or widowhood the use of all my movable estate and negroes, except my smiths shop and smith tools, then to be disposed of after her decease, as shall be here after mentioned, an likewise, she my said wife, Margaret Fudge is to live at the plantation and mills whereon I now live during her life time or widowhood. Item I gave and bequeath to my beloved son John Fudge three hundred acres of land be the same more or less, being part of a six hundred and forty acre surveyed by Jacob Fudge Junr, the said three hundred acres to be bounded on the East Side by the main fork of Little Horse Creek and down said creek to the mouth of the branch called Nappers Branch, then up said branch to where said Nappers old cabbin is thence along the old line to the aforesaid main fork of Little Horse Creek, he, the said John Fudge granting his brothers Jacob Fudge and William Fudge the liberty of building mills on said Little Creek without any interruption of or by him the said John Fudge and the said three hundred acres of land to be for him the said John Fudge and his heirs forever. Item I gave and bequeath to my loving sons Jacob Fudge and William Fudge two thousand acres of land on Little Horse Creek, be the same more or less with the saw mill thereon. The said Jacob Fudge is not to have a part or benefit of the said mill above mentioned until his brother Richard Fudge arrives to the age of twenty one years of age, then the said Jacob Fudge and William Fudge to be joint owners in and to the said saw mill and land above mentioned. The said William Fudge a dying and leaving no lawful heir to his body then his part of said mill and land to be divided amongst the rest of his brothers and sisters then living, and I like wise gave and bequeath to my son William Fudge five hundred acres of land, part of two thousand three hundred and sixty five acres, including the head of Franklins Branch joining the survey of three hundred and twenty seven acres. Item I gave and bequeath to my loving sons Soloman Fudge and Richard Fudge the plantation where I formerly lived, that goes by the name of Journegans ole place and fifth six acres that goes by the name of Clausures Survey and likewise the three hundred and twenty seven acres that joins Journegans ole place, and likewise Soloman Fudge, William Fudge and Richard Fudge is jointly to assist in building of a grist mill on said lands, and likewise the said Soloman Fudge and Richard Fudge is to be joint owners in and to the said lands and mill, and likewise the above mentioned William Fudge is with the assistance of Richard Fudge and Jacob Fudge Junr, that is to say; all the lumber and planks sufficient to build an house shed and peibzer thirty two feet long and twenty four feet wide, for the use of said Richard Fudge, and likewise it is my will and desire that the grist mill stones mill irons and all that belongs to the grist mill where I now live, be removed to the above mentioned Soloman Fudge and Richard Fudge lands. It likewise is my will and desire that if any of the above mentioned Soloman Fudge or Richard Fudge should die having no lawful heir of their body, the surviving one of the two to have the above mentioned lands and mill mentioned. Item It is likewise my will and desire that my son, Jacob Fudge is likewise to have one hundred acres of land on the Water of Chavoufes Creek, surveyed by Henry Napper now in my possession. Item It is likewise my will and desire that my son William Fudge is to have my smiths tools, he allowing the rest of his brothers the liberty of doing their own work with said tools in the shop. Item I gave and bequeath to my loving daughter Elizabeth Addams the fourth part of my movable estate after her mothers decease, to her and her heirs for ever. Item I gave and bequeath to my loving daughter Mary Clarklers children that she bears to John Clarkler the fourth part of my movable estate after my wife's Margaret Fudges decease to be equally divided amongst them the said Mary Calrklers children. Item I gave and bequeath unto my son-in-law, John Clarkler one tract of land containing two hundred and fifty acres lying on Benjamin Franklin Branch. Branch bounded by William Fudge, Benjamin Cooks and John Carters lands to him and his heirs forever. I gave and bequeath unto my daughter Suffiah Cook five pound sterling, to be paid of my movable estate. It is likewise my will and desire that my son William Fudge does take and raise Clothe and school my daughter Suffiahs two children that she bore to William Jones and keep them up until they arrive to the age of twenty one, then the said children of my daughter Suffiah is to have the fourth part of my movable estate deducting the five pounds out of it which I have already willed and bequeathed to their mother Suffiah Cook. Item I like will give and bequeath unto my son William Fudge one negro fellow named Bob in retaliation for his trouble and expense of raising, schooling and clothing the above mentioned two children of my daughter Suffiahs to be to him as his proper right, after his mothers decease to him and his heirs for ever. Item I gave and bequeath unto my loving daughter Margret Fudge one negro fellow named Tom to her and her heirs for ever and likewise, the fourth part of my movable estate, after her mother's decease. Lastly, I do constitute to this my last will and testament, my well belovd sons John Fudge and William Fudge to be my executors to my last Will and Testament, and I do hereby also revoke and disannul all other wills, bequeaths and testaments by me heretofore and before made, and also I do disanul all other executors by me herfore appointed. Signed, sealed, published and declared in the presence of us who in the presence of each other have subscribed our names as witnesses to the same, this eight day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty nine. 

Spouse: Anna Katherine Meyer   Sex: Female
Birth Date 1720  Birth Place Rockingham County, Virginia, United States 
Death Date 1784 OCT 05  Death Place Rockingham County, Virginia, United States 
Father Born: Died:
Mother Born:
Anna Katherine Meyer Notes:  
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Spouse 2: Margaret Anne Gregory   Sex: Female
Birth Date 1730  Birth Place  
Death Date 1790  Death Place Longswamp, Berks County, Pennsylvania 
Father Born: Died:
Mother Born: Died:
Margaret Anne Gregory Notes:  
Individual Notes:  
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Spouse 3 Elizabeth Schuette Sex: Female
Birth Date 1635  Birth Place Lower Saxony, Germany 
Death Date   Death Place  
Father Mother
Elizabeth Schuette Notes:  
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# Johan Peter has 1 Children Birth Death Mother Spouse Grand Children
1 Nancy Elizabeth Fudge   b.1728 AUG 25 Rockingham County, VA, United States
d.1777 MAR 13 Greenbrier County, WV, United States 
Anna Katherine Meyer Jacob MIller
1 Jacob Jubal Miller b.1758
Benjamin Miller
Margaret Miller
Samuel Miller
Mary Polly Miller b.1780
Adam Miller b.1782
Sallie Miller
William C Miller b.1821
William T Miller b.1853
Elisabeth Miller BETSY b.1784
Benjamin Runner b.1806
Granville Washington Runner b.1830
Harriet Elisabeth Runner b.1831
Sarah Ann Runner b.1834
William E Runner b.1837
Mary Jane Runner b.1839
Susan Hester Runner b.1844
George Dean Runner b.1848
Louisa Frances Runner luisa b.1848
Emily Runner b.1850
Sallie Runner b.1808
Adam Madison Runner b.1808
Elisabeth R Runner b.1845
Martha Jane Runner b.1846
S F Runner b.1847
William H Runner b.1848
L F Runner b.1848
M J Runner b.1850
David Runner b.1851
Mary E Runner b.1854
Ann T Runner b.1856
Susan Runner b.1858
Jacob Runner b.1810
Dorinda Runner b.1812
Nancy H Hightower b.1843
Mary Hightower b.1844
Robert F Hightower b.1845
Adiline Hightower b.1847
Silas W Hightower b.1849
Felding Gatewood Hightower b.1849
William Hightower b.1853
John D Hightower b.1854
Sarah F Hightower Sally b.1855
Sylvester Hightower Dr. b.1858
Margaret Runner Polly b.1813
Henry Miller b.1784
John Benjamin Miller b.1785
Charles Miller
Sr Anthony H Miller b.1791
David Miller b.1793
Jacob Miller
Harriet Miller
Jane Miller
John Miller
William Miller
Francis Miller
Sarah Ann Miller b.1825
Thomas C Flora b.1848
Ann E Flora b.1850
Harret C Flora b.1851
Emanuel Roechild Flora b.1853
James H Flora b.1855
William A Flora b.1858
John W Flora b.1859
Mary M Flora b.1861
James Calvin Flora b.1864
Sarah Catherine Flora b.1866
Isaac Miller b.1795
Johan Peter Fotsch Sr Ancestors Chart
Parents 2 4 persons 8 persons 16 persons 32 persons 64 persons 128 persons 256 persons 512 persons 1024 persons -
Johann F Fotsch
b.1694 d.1784
Parents 2 4 persons 8 persons 16 persons 32 persons 64 persons 128 persons 256 persons 512 persons 1024 persons -
2 persons 4 persons 8 persons 16 persons 32 persons 64 Persons 128 persons 256 persons 512 persons 1024 persons -

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