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FORRESTER - 23 Individuals Found

Name / Spouse Born/Died Father / Mother Notes
Keeper of the Greeat Seal of Scottland
Adam Forrester
Spouse1: Margaret of Scottland
b.1294 Corstoephine, Midlothian, Scotland
d.1365 Corstoephine, Midlothian, Scotland
Father: WIlliam Forrester  
About Adam Forrester, Lord of Corstorphine The founder of the clan is generally regarded as Sir Adam Forrester, 1st of Corstorphine who was an ambassador, merchant, Provost of Edinburgh, Keeper of the Great Seal of Scotland and Deputy Chamberlain of Scotland. In 1376 he acquired the estate of Corstorphine in Midlothian which is now part of Edinburgh. Clan Forrester History It is possible that this family is of Celtic druidic origin, descending from Marnin the Forester, who held lands in Dunipace, Stirlingshire, about 1200. Monument at Flodden Field Sir Adam Forrester, first of Corstorphine, is generally regarded as the founder of the clan. He was an ambassador, merchant, Provost of Edinburgh, Keeper of the Great Seal of Scotland and Deputy Chamberlain of Scotland. In 1376 he acquired the estate of Corstorphine in Midlothian (now part of Edinburgh), where Corstorphine Castle (now demolished) and the Collegiate Church of Corstorphine, with the effigies of three of the chiefs, were built by the family. The Dower House of the Lords Forrester now houses a local-history museum. Adam’s son, Sir John Forrester the elder, also became Keeper of the Great Seal of Scotland and was Chamberlain of Scotland and Keeper of the Household to James I. With his father, he fought in 1402. Sir James, the seventh chief, was killed in the disastrous Battle of Pinkie in 1547. The tenth chief, Sir George Forrester, was created a Baronet of Nova Scotia and raised to the peerage as Lord Forrester of Corstorphine, in 1633. On his death the baronetcy title became dormant, and it still awaits a claimant. James and William Baillie, the sons-in-law of the first Lord, assumed the name and arms of Forrester and inherited the title under a re-grant of the peerage. James, an ardent royalist, was fined heavily by Cromwell and the estates became burdened with debts. He was murdered in 1679 by his mistress, Mrs Christian Nimmo, when his brother, who was mad, inherited the title. The fifth Lord, Colonel George of the Grenadier and Life Guards fought under Marlborough at Oudenarde and Malplaquet in Flanders in 1708 and 1709, and was wounded in the Battle of Preston in 1715. Eventually the male line died out and the title descended through heiresses to the Earls of Verulam. The chiefly family had several landed cadets, one of whom, Sir John Forrester of Niddry, died at the Battle of Flodden in 1513. Two French cadet branches, Le Forestier du Buisson-Sainte-Marquerite, and Le Forestier de Foucrainville, in Normandy, descend from Sir Adam, and M. Jean Le Forestier is their head. There was a Stirlingshire branch, the Forresters of Garden, heritable keepers of the Torwood to the Scottish kings (the Torwood was a Royal forest and hunting ground, and may have been a sacred Celtic grove known to the Romans as Medionemeton, or Mid Grove). They owned the barony of Garden, with the Tower of Garden as well as the Torwood, where the ruins of Torwood Castle still stand. Sir Duncan, first of Torwood, was Comptroller of the Royal Household to James IV. Sir David, fourth of Torwood, was killed in the Battle of Pinkie in 1547. The family were virtually hereditary provosts of Stirling burgh; no fewer than eight of them held this office. The Church of the Holy Rude in Stirling has the Forrester Aisle, a former private family chapel. A cadet of Garden was the first of the Fifeshire Chieftains, the Forresters of Strathendry, who built Strathendry Castle, a sixteenth-century tower house in Leslie in Fife, where both Mary, Queen of Scots and Oliver Cromwell stayed. Strathendry Castle is the only inhabitable Forrester stronghold today. The Lords Forrester of Corstorphine have been recognised as chiefs of this Lowland clan since the seventeenth century. The potential chief is Sir John Duncan Grimston, Baronet, seventh Earl of Verulam, sixteenth Lord Forrester of Corstorphine, and patron of the Clan Forrester Society. His seat is Gorhambury in St Albans in Hertfordshire, with its fine Palladian mansion. His heir, Viscount Grimston, is the Master of Forrester. Forresters fought and died at the following battles: Sauchieburn, Pinkie and Langside in Scotland; Halidon Hill, Flodden and Preston in England; Oudenarde and Malplaquet in Flanders; and the many battles of the Le Forestier cadets, including the Battle of Ivry. They were accessories to the murder of David Rizzio, secretary and close friend of Mary, Queen of Scots, and also in Mary’s imprisonment in Holyrood House. They held important posts, including those of Keeper of the Great Seal of Scotland; secretary to the king; Chamberlain of Scotland; Master of the Household to James I; Comptroller of the Royal Household to James IV and to his wife, Margaret Tudor; Grand Provisor to Queen Arabella; sheriff of Edinburgh and Lothian; keepers of Edinburgh, Stirling and Skipness Castles, and governor of Belle Island; Bishop of Brechin and Abbot of Balmerino; and heralds to French kings, Normandy King of Arms and Picardy Herald. Among the clan relics and heirlooms is the Corstorphine Pendant, an armorial pendant of gilded bronze, in the Royal Scottish Museum; Sir Duncan Forrester’s Antiphony, a fifteenth-century vellum book of Eastertide Music, in the Church of the Holy Rude in Stirling; and the Corstorphine Casket of carved oak mounted in silver, a reputed gift from Margaret Tudor, wife of James IV.
Adam Forrester
Spouse1: Agnes Dundas
b.1320 Corstorphine, Midlothian, Scotland
d.1420 Corstorphine, Midlothian, Scotland
Father: SIR John Forrester Sr.  
Mother: Margaret
Ann Forrester b.1730
Father: James William Forrester Sr.  
Mother: Ann Ashley
Benjamin Forrester b.
Father: Benjamin Franklin Forrester  
Benjamin Franklin Forrester
Spouse1: Sarah Ann Wood
Spouse2: Sarah Leathers
b.1736 Orange Co NC
Father: James William Forrester Sr.  
Mother: Ann Ashley
Edmond Forrester b.
Father: Benjamin Franklin Forrester  
Elizabeth Forrester
Father: Benjamin Franklin Forrester  
Hardy Forrester b.
Father: James Forrester Jr.  
Mother: Elizabeth Gricie Gicie
Ila Forrester b.
Father: Benjamin Franklin Forrester  
James Jr. Forrester
Spouse1: Elizabeth Gricie
b.1734 Orange Co NC
d.1791 MAY Greenville Co SC
Father: James William Forrester Sr.  
Mother: Ann Ashley
James Forresters will was recorded in Greenville Co, South Carolina, M ay 28, 1791 book A, page 10.From this we know that his wifes name was Eli zabeth and that he had sons named John, Hardy, and Richard. From the 17 90 census it appears that he was living in NC. This may be the James Forre ster that served in the NC Militia in the ARW and received 62 acres for h is services from NC. Source: Vines and the Branches.Notes: The will of James Forrester, Book
James William Sr. Forrester
Spouse1: Ann Ashley
b.1700 Orange County, Province of Carolina
d.1755 SEP 05 Orange Co NC
Father: Samuel James Forrest  
Mother: Alison Thomsone
House of Forrester II Contributors Note: This is the will of my husbands ancestor James Foraster, (b. abt 17 00; d. 5 Sep 1755, Orange County, NC). He was married to Ann Ashley. I tried to leave the spelling as it w as in the original paper and only put clarifying words in parenthesis when the words were very hard to deciphe r. I have left his name spelled as it was first written in the will. It appears by his X at the bottom of the wi ll, that he himself was not able to write his name so it was spelled at the discretion of the holder of the pen. As y ou will notice in this one document the surname is spelled 4 different ways and another way when the will was prov ed. WILL OF JAMES FORASTER (descendents of James & Ann Foraster, spell the surname many different way s, including but not limited to: Forester, Forrester, Forrest, Forest, etc.) In the Name of God amen James foraster of the provens of north Carolina a nd in Orang County being weake in body but in perfict mind and memory thanks be to God for the same Calli ng to mind the mortallity of my Body that it is appoinded for all men once to Die I give and bequeth my lo ve to the hand of God that gave it and my bodey to the Earth to be buereed in acresten (A Christian) and desent menn er I do Constate make and orde this to be my sole and last will of testamen revoking all former wil ls by me made as for my worldly Estate it hath pleased God to bestow on me I Give and bequeth as foloweth I Give and bequ eth to my son William foraster the plantation he now lives on leying on the North Side of Eno Riv er to be bounded by the said River and a brench Comonly Called the High hill Brench to live and his heirs for Eve r. I Give and bequeth to my son James forster all the Residue of my Land on the North side of the Saide Riv er to him and his heirs for Ever. I give and bequeth to my son in law John Manning two hundred acres of land more or le ss the place where he lives on now leying on the South side of the Said Eno River in orang County to h im his his heirs for Ever I Give and bequeth to my son Benjamin foraste the plantation I now live on Containi ng on half of the Resdue of my land to him his heirs for Ever then I Give and Bequeth all the Resedue of my Sa id Land on the South Sid (side) of the Said River unto my son Thomas foraster to him his heirs for Ever then I Gi ve and bequeth unto my loveing wife ann forastor all the Rest of my Estate During her naturall Life or widow h ood my will and desires at the Death of my said wife or the Removael of her from widow hod (hood) all the Sai de Estate given her Shall be Equal Devided amongst all my Children then I appoint my Said wife Ann whole a nd Sole Executor to this my Last will and testament for witness whereof I heave hereunto Sett to my hand and Se al Fifth Day of September Seventeen hundred and Fifty five. Signed Sealed published and Delevr ed in presents of Pat? McCulloch Hugh Wood his mark X James foraster ******************************************* ******************** N. Carolina Orange to Wit December Court 1755 Present His Majestys Justices the within Wi ll was proved in open Court according to the Directions of an Act of Assembly of this Province by t he oath of Hugh Wood, one of the within subscribing evidences who swore that the within named James Forrest w as in perfect mind & memory at the time of the execution thereof & also Delivered the same to be his last Wi ll & Testament. Test. JaS Watson C. C. Source: James A. Oliphant
Jane A Forrester b.1730
Father: James William Forrester Sr.  
Mother: Ann Ashley
Jeremiah Forrester b.
Father: Benjamin Franklin Forrester  
John Forrester b.
Father: James Forrester Jr.  
Mother: Elizabeth Gricie Gicie
John Sr. Forrester
Spouse1: Margaret
b.1320 Corstorphine Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland
d.1350 Scotland, not the United Kingdom
Father: SIR Lord of Corsttorphone Adam Forrester  
Mother: Margaret of Scottland
John Forrester b.1730
Father: James William Forrester Sr.  
Mother: Ann Ashley
Josiah Forrester b.
Father: Benjamin Franklin Forrester  
Mary Drucilla Forrester
Spouse1: William Edmond Dossett
b.1765 Orange, North Carolina
d.1800 Orange County NC
Father: Benjamin Franklin Forrester  
Mother: Sarah Ann Wood
Milly Forrester b.
Father: Benjamin Franklin Forrester  
Nancy Anne Forrester b.
Father: James Forrester Jr.  
Mother: Elizabeth Gricie Gicie
Richard Forrester b.
Father: James Forrester Jr.  
Mother: Elizabeth Gricie Gicie
Thomas Forrester
Spouse1: Mitret Mildred Glen
b.1748 Surry Co NC
d.1777 OCT 04 Killed in Rev. War
Father: James William Forrester Sr.  
Mother: Ann Ashley
House of Forrester II: Pages, 30, 126, 205, 211.Biography: Born 1748, marr ied Mitret Glen, Enlisted 1 Jul 1777, killed in Rev. War. We have a co py of his Will he made in April 1777. He was 29 years old when he was killed. The wife of Thomas Forrester, Surrey Co., N.C., was Mealy or Mildred Gle
WIlliam Forrester b.1229

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